Parents & Families


During our Sunday morning worship, Crèche gives parents the opportunity to enjoy the church service without having to be concerned with looking after their children.

It provides a safe environment for children up to the age of 3 to play together, children under 1 will need to be accompanied by an adult. A dedicated team of helpers looks after and plays with the children. Alongside play, in each session we do a craft activity, sing songs, play instruments and the favourite- ‘drink and biscuit time’!

Kids Ministry

The whole church is involved in Praise and Worship and the kids are get involved by picking up an tamborine, shaker or waving a flag. After Praise and Worship, Kids Church kicks off and we spend our time playing, making crafts, singing, talking and learning about God. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who help make it possible.

Once a month we hold a family servie where the message and delivery encourages the younger congregation to get involved. The message is tailored to include short clips, huddles, question & answers around the bible, loved by the small and 'big' kids in the congregation


The safety of your children and vulnerable adults is vitally important, we have a safeguarding policy and regular training sessions for staff and volunteer teams. 

To find out more about how we ensure that these groups are safe and well cared for at our activities, or to ask any other questions, please contact the church office: