Alumwell Resource Centre Building Project

Our Vision


Church at Junction 10 - 3D view of Church Building from Church at Junction10 on Vimeo.

Our Purpose

As the Church at Junction 10, we care about the wellbeing of the people of Walsall and we’re passionate about serving our community and seeing it regenerated and transformed.

Our Past

We have been an established institution in our borough for over 40 years. Originally meeting as a small group in a local school on the Alumwell estate, the church grew in size and eventually purchased a plot of land near the motorway Island at Junction 10 and built a church building to house the growing congregation.

Over the years the building size and facilities became an issue. The heart of the church was to serve the local community, but the layout of the building was inflexible and wasn’t fit for multiple purposes or multiple activities taking place at the same time. In 2014 the decision was made to demolish the old building and we began planning and fund-raising for a new building that would provide the church a space in which to worship as well as a building through which the community can be served.

Our Plan

The vision for the new building is to provide a 5-storey Alumwell Resource Centre (ARC) that holistically serves the town of Walsall in 5 specific ways:

  1. WORK – To invest in the local economy by providing conference facilities and office/training rooms for the local economy.

  2. PLAY – To provide a space for socialising through the provision of a café and 1000-seater auditorium as a music and entertainment venue.

  3. LEARN – To encourage education and learning through the provision of a Nursery facility and a partnership with a local Bible College.

  4. LIVE – To care for the health and well-being of the community by providing space for possible for a health and well-being centre.

  5. WORSHIP – To create a space in which the congregation of J10 can meet and the work of the church can be administrated and organised.

Our Process

The process for building the ARC is now underway. A virtual walkthrough of the proposed building can be viewed here and we are currently exploring possible partnerships for each element of the facility. The overall budget for the ARC is £5million. Most of this money will be raised through contracts with local partners who will use the facility. We are also setting a target of £500,000 for the congregation of J10 to raise.

If you would like to invest in the new building either via a possible partnership or through regular giving, please contact us for more information.






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